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Spring Street Sweeping to begin April 15th

*Road Sweeping Schedule*

(To Begin April 15th, 2024)

  • Week 1

Downtown areas of Elm st, Main st, Grove st, Depot and School st

Union street and side roads of Prospect, Briggs, Scott Winn, Morris, Overseers, Altemont, Wilder, May,

Old Dublin rd. and Robbe Farm Development

  • Week 2

Evans road, Vine street, River street, Nubanusit lane,

Transcript area of Winter, Factory, Vale, Oak, Central, Scott Laurel and Hatch streets

Goyette Dr. Neighborhood of Noone, Webb Maple ave, Mercer, Ames and Old Dublin rd.

  • Week 3

Summer st, Shadow ln, Hunt rd., Tarbell rd.

Pineridge Development of Currier, Taylor, Nichols, Lounsbury, Picard and Hall ct.

Pheasant rd., Vose Farm rd., Southfield ln, Scott Mitchell rd. and Recycling Center parking areas

  • Week 4

High st, MacDowell rd., Hunter Farm rd., Windy Row, Spring rd., Middle Hancock rd., Hadley rd.

Depot square/municipal parking lots (Inc. Police and Fire Depts.)

  • Week 5

Upland Farms Area Inc. Powersbridge rd., Morrison rd., Old Sharon rd.,

Pine St., Cheney Ave, Lookout Hill rd., Orchard Hill rd., Kaufmann dr, Church st, Lobacki dr.

Old Jaffrey rd., Old Town Farm rd., Cabana dr., Long Hill rd., Community Ln.

  • Week 6

Old Street rd. Inc, Carley, Arundel, East Hill, Glen, Highland and Parmalee dr.

Sand Hill Rd Inc, Reynolds, Blueberry, Grey Hill, Gen. Miller, Treadwell Ln

Cunningham Pond rd., Condy rd., Birch rd., Casalis rd., Field rd.

  • Week 7

The Valley of Old Greenfield rd., Stone Ridge, Gen. Miller, Gulf and Crosby rd.

Burke rd., Ashlee dr, Contoocook ln, Monadnock ln, Brian rd., Old Bennington rd.

*  Schedule and dates are subject to change due to weather related events, staffing needs and Superintendent discretion. *

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