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Downtown Parking & EV Charging Stations

Parking_Map_-_Downtown_WebThe Downtown area of Peterborough features plenty of parking, including several municipal lots. Click the map to enlarge the image and see downtown parking areas.

Parking spaces along Grove Street and Main Street are limited to two hours, but the new Riverwalk Parking Lot, located just off of Grove Street, as well as the municipal lot by the Fire Station on Summer Street, allow for 24-hour parking. Both lots are an easy 2-4 minute walk from downtown shops and amenities, and Depot Square is just across the pedestrian bridge from the Riverwalk Parking Lot.  

A 3-day permit for the lot by the Fire Station can be issued if necessary - please contact the Peterborough Police Department to inquire about a parking permit. 

Electric Vehicle Chargers: NEW for Public Use!

Open the Driver Guide from ChargeLab Here
 The Driver Guide includes details on downloading the charging app for iOS or Android users, how to charge, payments for charging and Customer Support.

Peterborough Energy Committee (PEC) for further information on the charging stations in the Riverwalk Parking Lot.

Parking Studies
Results of past town parking studies can be found at the bottom of this page.  An overview:

Summer 2011-review of municipal lot off Depot Street behind the Granite block building

  1. Work by Hoyle Tanner and Assoc. funding by DTIF money.
  2. Findings showed no additional spaces within the present municipal could be created.
  3. Minor increase in potential spaces if all public and private properties were managed together.

Winter 2010-review of a 2 story parking garage at the municipal lot off Depot St.
  1. Work by Hoyle Tanner and Associates. Funding by DTIF.
  2. Generated approximately 30+ spaces, depending on layout, at an estimated cost of $1 million +.

Winter 2003-report of the Downtown Circulation and Street Parking Task Force on 2.13.2003
  1. Presented by Chief Scott Guinard
  2. Recommendations of parking times, signage, and parking meters.

Spring 2003-Microsimulation of Downtown traffic circulation
  1. Work by VHB
  2. Looked at traffic patterns in the downtown and simulated the movements electronically.
  3. One way street considerations were not viable.

Fall 2003-Final report of the Downtown Circulation and Street parking Task Force on 10.8.2003
  1. Presents by Chief Scott Guinard and DPW Director Ed Betz
  2. 10 recommendations presented
  3. Signage recommendations, parking recommendations, traffic calming
  4. 2003 Master Plan incorporates the recommendations

Winter 2001-Phase 1 Public Parking Evaluation Conceptual Design Report
  1. Work by SEA
  2. Looked at the municipal lot off Depot St and the Granite bank lot
  3. For Depot St these findings were essentially shown again in HTA's report in 2011
  4. Memo from Peter Ryner dated 2.26.2001 identified potential spaces behind the Granite Bank building and recognizes the public is divided on the need for more spaces.

Fall 1997-Parking Survey for the Central Business District
  1. Prepared by OCD
  2. Additional parking opportunity identified between the Town House and the Guernsey Building (the green space).

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