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Public Works

Public Works consists of four departments: Utilities, Highway, Building & Grounds, & Recycling. Striving to provide “Our Town” with a clean, safe and wonderful place to live, these departments work very hard at their responsibilities to make this happen. Administering all of these departments is Seth MacLean, Public Works Director.
For general inquiries, please call the main administrative line at 603-924-8000 ext. 101. If you know which department head you need to reach, you can find their direct e-mails and phone extensions in the complete staff directory under Contact Us.

If you need to contact DPW during non-business hours, please call the Peterborough Police Department at 603-924-8050.  If you have an emergency situation to report, please call 911. 

Water and Utilities

The Water/Utility Division consists of the water and the wastewater department and is responsible for overseeing the water and wastewater facilities, as well as all aspects of our water and wastewater system, distribution and collection systems, monitoring our wells and sewer system. Along with all the daily tasks and projects, the crew is also responsible for repairing fire hydrants and breaks in the water and sewer system.

Permit to Excavate in a public street Download form here

Our Highway Crew, along with all the many large projects, is also responsible for such things as repairing or replacing street signs, stop signs and guardrails, patching potholes, roadside mowing, cleaning up debris, etc. They are also actively involved with many other projects around town.

Recycling Center
Just some of the daily responsibilities at the Recycling Center include sorting and baling all recyclable materials to prepare for shipment; tracking and maintaining records of these shipments; keeping the center clean and orderly; and helping customers with the recycling process. Our “Pay as you Throw” program was implemented on November 1, 1999, and as a result there has already been a noticeable reduction in the amount of trash disposal and is creating an increase in the amount of material being recycled. Overall, the end result means a major decrease in disposal costs. Thanks to all of our patrons for helping make this happen.

Buildings and Grounds
Buildings and Grounds is responsible for keeping “Our Town” beautiful and clean by maintaining and cleaning the Town House, Police Station, Library, Cemeteries and Parks, and many other projects that involve general maintenance, painting, landscaping, etc. There are approximately thirty-seven (37) acres of town-owned land, parks, and cemetery lawn to mow, fertilize and maintain, and in addition, the fall season brings the project of leaf clean up and disposal, with snowfall clean-up following not much further behind. This department is also responsible for the monitoring and cleaning of the Town Hall rentals for events such as: dances, weddings, performances, etc.

Weather Emergency Related Websites
Here you can find the links to the National Weather Service websites that we use in preparing for and managing our response to weather-related emergencies.

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