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Tax Billing and Collection

taxes_WebTax billing and collection for the Town of Peterborough is the responsibility of Beth Marsh, Tax Collector (, in the Finance Department.  The Tax Collector bills and collects the taxes for four taxing authorities -- Town, County, School, and State.  The tax bills are mailed twice a year, typically in June and November.  The first bill is a prepayment that is based on fifty (50) percent of the prior year's taxes.  The second bill is based on the annual tax rate set in October of each year by the individual taxing authority and the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue minus the prepayment.

Ali Kreutz (, Assessing Clerk (Administration), records all property changes such as change of ownership, address changes, appraisal of property for taxation, as well as abatements and exemptions. Property values are assessed by the Town's contracted Assessor, Marybeth Walker. 

The Tax Collector runs the tax warrant for approval by the Board of Selectmen.  After the tax warrant is approved, the tax collector prints and mails the tax bills.  All tax bills are mailed to the last known address of the owner(s) of record as of April 1st or to the new owner, if known.  The tax bill provides detailed information about your property included but not limited to the land and amounts, any payments received, interest charged, and the balance due on the current year's taxes. 

The tax collector has the rights and remedies, including a lien and/or deeding on the real estate for unpaid tax bills, as provided in New Hampshire Statutes RSA 80.

Did you know that you can easily access your payment histories and check the current balance of both property taxes and utility bills online? On the EB2 Gov website you can select either property taxes or the utility payment option. Search for your account using map/parcel number, account ID, address, or last name.  Once you've located your account, you can view your current balance, forecasted balance and your payment history.

Any information or questions regarding the tax billing, liens, and deeding should be directed in writing to the Town of Peterborough, Finance Department, 1 Grove Street, Peterborough, NH 03458, by telephone to (603) 924-8000 ext. 103, or by email to ( 

Questions regarding assessing, exemptions, abatements, or ownership should be directed to Ali Kreutz ( at (603) 924-8000 ext. 112. 

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