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Automobile E-Registration

{0849D597-DCC4-486F-A726-68675E7ECDFB}What is E-Registration (E-Reg)?
E-Reg is a service offered by the Peterborough Town Clerk's Office which allows you to renew your automobile registration online. Vehicles renewed through E-Reg will incur processing fees including $1.50 per vehicle plus a minimum log fee of $.35 per group of transactions.  Most internet renewal registration documents will arrive in the mail within 3-5 days.

DO NOT use E-Reg if you have a change of address that has not already been reported to the DMV and you have proven residency to the Town Clerk's office. You must come into the Town Clerk's office to complete your registration renewal and report your address change.

How can I use E-Reg?
It's simple! Have your current registration or the renewal notice at hand and click here to begin the process.

Please note: If you pay via credit card, the processing of your transaction will be delayed because we must wait until the card has processed with the bank. This could take 3-5 days. Therefore, if your registration is expiring, or if your dog remains unlicensed, please do NOT pay via credit card. Instead, pay via electronic check so that we can process your request immediately.

Is E-Reg secure?
Peterborough's E-Reg program is provided by an outside company who specializes in secure online transactions. For a complete privacy statement, click here.

Who can I contact if I have questions about E-Reg?
The Town Clerk's Office can be reached at 603-784-5605 during business hours. Answers to additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) can be found here.

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