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Agricultural Commission

Peterborough Agricultural Commission members: Alexandra Walker, Chair; Ruth Holmes; Mike Lombard; Jake Lyons; Savannah Steele; James Kelly; Bill Taylor, Select Board liaison.

The Peterborough Agricultural Commission meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month from 6:00-7:00 PM in the Town House Select Board room

The purpose of the Agricultural Commission shall be to protect agricultural lands, preserve rural character, provide a voice for farmers, encourage agricultural-based businesses and activities, and provide educational opportunities for home gardeners.  The commission is advisory and not a regulatory body.

The Farm to School program was developed by Andrea Cadwell in collaboration with Ben Loi, Principal of PES.

Each month a local farmer or farm related business (for example Ideal Compost is a farm related business) comes to the school and presents to the kids. There is a Powerpoint presentation that helps the farmers/business-people talk about their work with the kids. There is always some kind of interactive exercise after the presentation; kids meet animals, try new foods, see and feel the different stages of compost, or get gifts from the farms and farmers that come to visit. In addition to the interaction, there is a question and answer time for everyone- teachers, students, even parents. In addition to the farm/farmer visits to the classroom some kids have visited our local farms. In September they visited Rosaly's, in January they cooked in the community kitchen with Kin Schilling, volunteer parents, and Cornucopia staff. They will visit one of the farms Ruth and Dan Holmes, and Savannah Steele manage: Peabody Farm. The kids will meet the sheep and baby lambs and learn about what it takes to raise livestock.

This important program has been wildly successful, the kids and teachers love it. It is important to note that this was all done with no funding, using only "Ag Commers." This program is a direct scaling up of the wonderful work Cornucopia does with the kids by expanding their working knowledge of food systems, farms, farmers, and their economic impacts.

The Peterborough Agricultural Commission would like to hear your thoughts on how we can best serve our purpose and the people of Peterborough.  Please take a few moments to answer the survey questions through the link below:

Farmland Soils Map by Category
Soils data created by Natural Resource Conservation Service, 1985 Hillsborough County Soil Survey, Western Part. Source data scale 1:20000, +/- 3 acres accuracy, and should only be used for general understanding of soil unit types and approximate locations.
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