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Zoning Board of Adjustment

The membership of the Zoning Board of Adjustment is as follows: Chair: Sharon Monahan ('25), Vice Chair: Chris DiLoretto ('26), Loretta Laurenitis ('24); Don Selby ('24), Daniel Latini ('26) and alternate Jonah Wheeler ('25)

The regular members of the ZBA are elected by the voters at Town Meeting; the alternates are appointed by the regular members. The term of all members is three years.

Board meetings are now live streamed to Comcast Channel 22 and U-Stream (here: )

A Board of Adjustment is required by state statute to be established once a town has adopted a zoning ordinance.  It is a fundamental tenet of zoning that once an ordinance has been adopted, some property owners will be disadvantaged by certain provisions.  The job of the ZBA, therefore, is to grant relief from the strict terms of the zoning ordinance, by deciding applications on four specific areas: (1) appeals of administrative decisions; (2) grant variances; (3) grant special exception uses; and (4) grant equitable waivers from dimensional requirements.

ZBA Application As of 8/2021

ZBA Rules of Procedure As of 8/2022

Zoning Board Handbook

2024 Meeting Schedule & Submission Deadlines

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