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Peterborough Renewable Energy Project

Peterborough’s renewable energy goals: In May 2021, a 74% majority of voters passed a warrant article committing the Town of Peterborough to a goal of using 100% renewable energy for electricity by 2030 and for all other purposes, primarily transportation and heating and cooling, by 2050. A committee was formed to develop a plan by the end of 2022, and that plan was approved by the Select Board on December 20 2022. The Peterborough Renewable Energy Project (PREP) was underway.

How you can use energy efficiently and renewably: Check the PREP website for information about actions you can take to use energy more efficiently, make greater use of renewable energy, and take advantage of financial incentives in the energy realm. The website is constantly being updated as new information becomes available, so check back often when planning a project for your home or business, or considering the purchase of a new vehicle, appliance, or power tool.

Replacing an aging fossil-fuel heating system and weatherizing your home: In May, 2023, Peterborough partnered with energy technology and financing company BlocPower on a pilot project to replace fossil-fuel heating with efficient cold-weather heat pumps in 10 to 15 buildings in town. Heat pumps are not only incredibly efficient at supplying heat in winter, but also help to cool your building in hot weather. BlocPower takes a whole-system approach to electrification and therefore offers energy audits and weatherization as first steps in the process of assessing a building’s heating needs. BlocPower makes the process easier for you by overseeing your entire project, by ensuring that the wiring and weatherization of your building will allow the heat pump to be maximally effective, by putting you in touch with vetted local contractors who will perform the needed work, by doing a quality assurance review when everything is in place, and, if you wish, by providing financing with no money down and no lien on your building. If your heating system is flirting with failure, visit BlocPower’s Peterborough webpage to learn more and request an evaluation of your home or business site.

Peterborough Community Power: A cost-effective source of electricity: An important component in achieving the renewable energy goal for electricity is Peterborough Community Power, under which residents and small businesses in Peterborough can take advantage of attractive pricing for electricity that relies more heavily on renewable sources than the standard supply from Eversource, even when choosing the default Community Power plan. Residents can also choose to opt up to 50% or 100% renewable electricity.

Help with installing a solar array: You can generate your own renewable electricity by installing a solar array at your home or business. The Town’s Planning and Building Department has a nationally recognized website to help you with permitting, installation, and inspection of a solar array.

Financial incentives for making energy upgrades to your home or business. We know that installing solar panels, buying an electric vehicle, replacing your oil furnace with heat pumps and many of the other energy upgrades we need to make are expensive. But there are federal tax credits and rebates available that can help defray the costs. Find out how much you can save by going to Rewiring America.

Join us, ask a question, or get on our mailing list: If you would like to join the PREP team, have questions about renewable energy, or would like to receive updates on significant developments in the renewable energy project, please fill out our contact form.

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