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Planning and Building

Peterborough's Office of Planning & Building is located on the lower floor of the Town House. Staff consists of:
Danica Melone, Town Planner, 
Tim Herlihy, Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector,
Laura Norton, Administrative Assistant,

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our fee schedule was amended on 7/6/2021 - please refer to the most recent version of the fee schedule for new applications. 

The Office of Planning and Building (formerly known as the Office of Community Development) was established in 1997 to respond to issues of growth, what sort of development the town wanted, and where appropriate development should be located. The Office was also charged with defining and making plans to achieve specific goals for the town in the most efficient manner, most beneficial to the town's future, and most profitable for the town and its businesses. The town profits not just monetarily, but by having clean air, water and miles of hiking and biking trails, intact wetlands and defined industrial areas.

In the years since its inception, the scope of the office continues to evolve. Today, the overall mission is to (1) promote the orderly and coordinated development of the town according to the wishes of the citizens, as articulated through the Master Plan process, and (2) facilitate dialogue throughout the town amongst all organizations, entities and individuals that make up the Greater Peterborough Community.

Our Role:
The Office of Planning and Building supports the public sector by helping to implement public policy, overseeing the Master Plan of the Town, and recommending appropriate land use regulations.  The Office of Planning and Building also cooperates with the private sector through its participation in local and regional business and economic development organizations. It achieves its goals through a combination of staff support to the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Economic Development Authority, Master Plan Steering Committee, and other town committees involved in land use issues.  Correspondence for these boards can be sent to

  Services Provided:

  • Assistance with the application process for subdivisionsite plan reviewsign permitsbuilding permits, conditional use permits, variances, special exceptions, appeals from administrative decisions, and equitable waivers from dimensional requirements.
  • Mapping Products.  Geographic Information System (GIS) based maps are available for the Town of Peterborough that present a range of information, including zoning, land use, natural features, etc.
  • Online Mapping  View property maps, including downloading PDF files of scanned subdivision and survey plans, and available septic plans from any device or computer with Internet connectivity.
  • Production & maintenance of a variety of planning documents including Master Plan Chapters, Tax Increment Finance District Plans, Ordinances and Regulations, and various studies. 

The Office of Planning & Building may be reached via phone any weekday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at 603-924-8000 Ext. 104 or


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