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Our Highway Crew, along with all the many large projects, is also responsible for such things as repairing or replacing street signs, stop signs and guardrails, patching potholes, roadside mowing, cleaning up debris, etc. They are also actively involved with many other projects around town.

In the winter months, they are usually very busy at all hours of the day and night plowing and/or sanding our roads during snow and ice storms. Regarding snow storms, please try to remember that we have scheduled plow routes to follow, and depending on the specifics of each storm, it can sometimes take longer to reach certain areas. It is also helpful and recommended that residents do not try to stop the plow trucks as they go along on their route. Some of these trucks are very large and are difficult to maneuver, but visibility is also a big concern. The driver may not see you coming up to the truck as they are extremely busy and have many factors to concentrate on during a snowstorm. Also, please remember that our “No Parking” ban is in effect beginning November 1st through April 1st of every year.

Winter Season

It is the goal and intent of the Town to provide timely, efficient and cost effective winter maintenance, snow removal and ice control on the roadways for the safety and the benefit of the Town’s residents, pedestrians, and motoring public; Municipal Code Chapter 156.

There are several ways the public can help us with our goals:

  • Our winter parking ban runs from November 1st to April 1st, which prohibits parking on Town roads and their right of way between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM. This ban does help the Town remove the snow more effectively and in less time.  The Town does have the right to tow or ticket violators. Cooperation is the key.
  • After the storm and roads are open and treated, fire hydrants are then cleared and uncovered from the snow. There are 314 public fire hydrants in Town. Clearing out the fire hydrant close to your home improves your fire protection and allows for all fire hydrants to be cleared out sooner for everyone’s protection.
  • It is important to know that the Town is not responsible for damage to private property located in the road’s right-of-way (RSA 231:92-a). The right of way typically extends out from the edge of pavement from 7ft to 13ft.  All our operators make every effort not to cause any damage but some damage is inevitable during winter operations. We ask for you patience.
  • Whether you plow your driveway or a contractor does snow is not permitted to be plowed into or across the Town’s roads.
  • Stormwater catch basins are intended to handle snow melt and rain storms. When they are covered by snow and ice snow melt and rain runoff has no place to go. The Town does try to clear the snow and ice from these catch basins but we are not always successful to get to everyone. Clearing the catch basins close to your home, after the storm is complete, will help to protect your property and your neighbor’s.

Winter can be a difficult time for all of us, but with cooperation and a little patience we will all make it through!

A special thanks from the Public Works Department in Peterborough

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