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Recycling Advisory Committee

recycling_center_WebThe Committee was reactivated by the Select Board meeting on January 17, 2024 after community interest was expressed about increasing recycling efforts in town and developing a plan for further grassroots educational efforts and opportunities for residents. 

The members of the Recycling Advisory Committee are: Chairperson Kathy Manfre '27, Vice-Chair Mark Fernald '27, minute-taker Carol Kraus '27, and Ann Harrison '27 with Select Board member Bill Kennedy.

Administrative support for the committee comes from Gretchen Rae, DPW Business Manager and can be reached at or call (603) 924-8000 ext. 101

The Mission of the Peterborough Recycling Center is to serve the residents of Peterborough and Sharon, according to NH General Court RSA: 149-M, to protect human health, to protect the environment, and to conserve precious and dwindling resources through the proper and integrated management of solid waste: by diverting as much as possible from our municipal waste stream by means of recycling, composting, community-based reuse, and public education; and, as market conditions allow, by creating revenue to defray the operating costs of Peterborough’s Recycling program.



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