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Heritage Commission

The Heritage Commission is a group of individuals, appointed by the Board of Selectmen, who are dedicated to the history and heritage of the Town of Peterborough. 

Chair: Doug Ward ('25)
Secretary: Karen Kambol ('25)
Members:  Colin Murdough ('23), Mike McGill ('26), Ed Cardoza ('26)
Select Board Representative: Tyler Ward

The Heritage Commission meets the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM remotely or in the Selectmen's Room of the Peterborough Town House.
Visit our Facebook page to see what we're up to.  Minutes can be found here, and also by clicking the selection in the blue menu bar to the left. 

Click here to view the Heritage Commission’s “Russell Tour” brochure.

Brochure - Historic Downtown Peterborough
Peterborough Downtown Historic District Area - State filing form

The Heritage Commission is established by state statute for the proper recognition, use, and protection of resources that are valued for their historic, cultural, or communitarian significance.

  • The primary responsibility of the Heritage Commission is similar in nature to that of the Conservation Commission, but with emphasis upon the cultural heritage of the Town.
  • Develop and maintain an inventory of the Town’s history and culture.  Establish an education program based upon the inventory.  Work with the Planning Board to create and maintain a Historic Preservation section of the Master Plan.
  • Work with the Select Board, Planning Board, Town departments, and others to preserve, protect and enhance our historic and cultural resources.  This may include obtaining grants, working with private property owners, and reviewing development proposals.

Specialized knowledge and interest in history and cultural resources is a benefit, but anyone interested in preserving the town’s heritage can be a productive member of this Commission. The Heritage Commission meets once a month in the Town House.  It is comprised of not less than three members and no more than seven members, who are all appointed by the Selectmen.
Heritage pamphlet
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