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Emergency Response Management (PEMA)

The Peterborough Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) is a department of the Town which reports to the Town Administrator through it's Director. PEMA's Director is appointed by the Town Administrator and is the Fire Chief, Ed Walker. The Agency consists of the several core Town officials. These members include: the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen; Town Administrator; Fire Chief/Director; Police Chief; Public Works Director ; Director of Office of Community Development; and, other Town Division Heads as required.

PEMA is required by the State of New Hampshire's Office of Emergency Management to have a Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). Peterborough's CEMP outlines the response the Town would implement in order to maintain the critical infrastructure of the Town and its services. Additionally, the plan includes responses for all types of man-made or natural disasters, including domestic water emergencies, hazardous materials incidents and medical events. All core members have a complete copy of the plan and would immediately utilize it when an emergency arises. PEMA's core members are also charged with reviewing the CEMP annually.

The Town's critical infrastructure and the coordinated response to an emergency would be managed within an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Establishing an EOC is a key first step for the Town's integrated response to an emergency. An EOC is a secured area where only credentialed PEMA members and public safety personnel have access so that they can focus on critical business functions and planning response and recovery operations. This Center is set up with special communications such as, phones, public safety radios, TV, computer jacks; manuals and, plans.

The EOC also establishes a Public Information Center. This is an off-site location in relation to the EOC and is where the media and press can meet. The location may be at the scene of the incident/emergency when it is safe, or at a location remote from the incident such as the Town House. This gives the EOC the ability to provide coordinated, accurate and timely information to the press and assures that the EOC members are able to focus on the response and recovery actions being implemented.

PEMA's core members meet quarterly in order to perform strategic response planning. This ensures that the Town has response plans for actual risks from man-made or natural disasters.

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