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Tax Maps & GIS

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The Town of Peterborough uses GIS (Geographic Information System) to effectively and efficiently map landscape features and maintain databases that are used daily in all departments. The Office of Planning & Building, Public Works Department and Administration maintain several data sets available for public use.

CAD/GIS planimetrics and topographic data update using 2005 & 2010 high resolution orthophotography.  Digital data and hard copy maps available .  

2015 Special Achievement in GIS Winner

Town Offered Services:
  • Customized Maps (Hard Copy)
  • CAD/GIS Data for Site Design/Drafting
  • Online Mapping Sites displaying Peterborough GIS Data (available from any device with an internet connection)
Some Available Data (not downloadable):
  • Public Works Assets (draft)
  • Zoning District and Overlay Zones
  • High Resolution Orthophotography
  • Topographic Data (2-4 Ft. Contour Intervals)
  • Building Footprints
  • Pavement Edges
  • Parcel Geodatabase

 Fash Farashahi, GIS/IT Director
(603) 924-8000 ext 120


Any mapping data, including orthophotography, topographic information or planimetric information displayed or made available by the Town of Peterborough on its Internet Mapping Sites or hardcopy maps is subject to the following:

1.  The mapping data was prepared for the Town to be  utilized for planning purposes.  In making this material available, the Town makes no representation as to its accuracy and allows its use with the understanding that this information is not intended for nor sufficiently accurate for engineering purposes.

2.  The viewer of this data is to hold the Town harmless from any consequences that may arise from the use of this data.

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