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Tax Abatement

Those who feel their real estate assessment is unfairly high may apply for an abatement, or reduction, of their assessment. Under State law, municipalities may abate taxes and interest accrued on such tax “for good cause shown." (RSA 76:16) “Good cause,” is generally established by showing an error in the assessed value, a disproportionate assessment, or other grounds. 

Generally, once an abatement application has been submitted, a Town employee will reach out to schedule an appointment for a qualified professional will visit the property in order to inspect it and confirm the details as stated in the abatement application. A report is then provided to the Assessor. If the Assessor determines that the property was indeed incorrectly valued, the owner will receive a refund of overages paid in taxes, with interest, and the assessed value will be corrected. 

Key Dates/Deadlines: 

There is window each year for abatement applications. Application for abatement must be made by March 1st following the notice of the fall/winter (second) tax bill. Assessing Officials are to grant or deny the abatement by July 1st. The taxpayer may appeal the denial of an abatement to The Board of Tax and Land Appeals or to Superior Court, but not both, by September 1stNote: These dates are adjusted if the second tax bill is mailed after December 31st. 

Abatement Application:

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