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ASSESSING OFFICE HOURS:  Monday - Thursday : 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Please note that requests for copies of tax bills, payment questions, or questions regarding tax bill schedules should be directed to the Finance Department at (603) 924-8000, ext. 103.

Ali Kreutz, Assessing Clerk
603-924-8000 Ext. 112 or akreutz@peterboroughnh.gov

 Locate Tax Parcels & Property Records using our Online Tax Mapping
Assessors' Data can be found by clicking on property record card link.

The Assessor's primary responsibility is to find the fair market value of property, so that owners pay only their fair share of taxes.  The Assessing Department also keeps track of ownership changes; coordinates with the IT/GIS Department to maintain digital maps of parcel boundaries; keeps building and property characteristics up to date; tracks properties eligible for exemptions, credits and other forms of property tax relief; and, most importantly, analyzes trends in sales prices, construction costs, and rents to estimate the value of all assessable property. The Board of Selectmen retains Corcoran Consulting Associates, Inc. of Wolfeboro, NH to perform the duties and functions of Assessor's Agent and Town Appraiser. Ali Kreutz is the onsite Assessing Clerk. 

The tax rate is determined annually by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration, typically in October/November. The fall tax bill is calculated using the new established rate. The spring tax bill uses the tax rate from the previous year. For more information on how tax bills are calculated, please visit the Tax Billing & Collection page.

The Official New Hampshire Assessing Reference Manual is a great resource for taxpayers and municipal officials alike!

The 2023 tax rate is $28.19 per $1,000 of assessed value.
There was no increase to the municipal portion of the tax rate ($9.17).
The school portion ($16.16) of the tax rate increased 11% over last year.
The state portion ($1.66) increased 37%.
The county portion ($1.20) increased 24%.

The 2023 Equalization Ratio is 73.3%. This is the state's measurement of how the Town's overall assessed value compares with market value.
This indicates that 2023 property values are underassessed.
There will be a town-wide revaluation in 2024 (calculated prior to the fall billing) to bring values closer to the ideal ratio of 100%. 

The 2022 tax rate was $25.86 per $1,000 of assessed value. The 2022 equalization ratio was 80.1%
The 2021 tax rate was $25.76 per $1,000 of assessed value. The 2021 equalization ratio was 94.5%.
The 2020 tax rate was $30.84 per $1,000 assessed value of property. 2020 equalization ratio was 86.8%
The 2019 tax rate was $29.75 per $1,000 assessed value of property. The 2019 equalization ratio was 92.4%

April 15th is the annual deadline for new applications for Veterans' Credits and Elderly Exemptions

March 1st is the annual deadline for filing for abatement (a reduction in assessed value).

For more information on credits, exemptions, or the abatement process, please call the office or review the information on this website (see items in left menu).
If you are a charitable organization seeking exemption, please review the BTLA A-9 and A-12 forms for submission. Filing deadlines are listed on the forms. The Select Board ultimately determines eligibility. 

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