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Budget Committee

It shall be the duty of the Budget Committee to:
  • Explain the tax impact of monies raised at each Town Meeting.
  • Review and evaluate warrant articles based on short and long term ramifications, and make
  • recommendations pertaining to same.
  • Withhold recommendations only if there is insufficient information.
The Select Board, the Budget Committee, and department heads shall be required to work cooperatively with each other to ensure that all the respective budgets will best serve the community’s needs.
The Select Board and the Budget Committee shall meet jointly to evaluate the recommendations of the
department heads, and for any discussions involving any budgetary matters related to the upcoming
budget. Subsequent to the presentation of recommendations by the department head, the Select Board and the Budget Committee will meet in joint session to discuss their respective recommendations. Both Boards should identify those areas of the budget where there is agreement, resolve those issues where a
compromise can be reached, and advise each other of any differences that will be presented at Town
Meeting. The Budget Committee shall report, in writing, any and all warrant articles and operating
budget recommendations no later than two weeks prior to Town Meeting.
The members of the Budget Committee are:
Rick Lesser, Chair (’24)
Mandy Sliver, Vice Chair (’25)
Carl Mabbs-Zeno (’26)

Mary Clark (’26)
Al Lenos (’24)
Donald Parkhurst (’24)
Leslie Lewis (’25)
Andrew Osterman (’25)
Richard Reynells ('26)

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