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Planning Documents, Studies, & Reports

Land Use Regulations

Chapter 202: Fees 
Chapter 207: Building Code
Chapter 224: Manufactured Housing
Chapter 233: Site Plan Regulations 
Chapter 237: Subdivision Regulations
Chapter 238: Excavation Regulations
Chapter 239: Driveway Regulations
Chapter 245: Zoning Ordinance May 2024
Hazard Mitigation Plans

Hazard Mitigation Plan 2021
Hazard Mitigation Plan 2016
Hazard Mitigation Plan 2010
Hazard Mitigation Plan 2004
Master Plan
Peterborough Master Plan 

Please contact us for past iterations of the Master Plan
Land Use & Economic Plans/Reports

Commercial Properties Atlas 2013
Zoning Diagnostic Report 2007
Village Commercial Charrette Booklet 2005
Evans Flats Report 2004
Economic Policy Plan 2000
Economic Policy Plan 1999
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts

Greater Downtown TIF Plan (adopted 2012)
West Peterborough TIF Plan (adopted 2008)
South Peterborough TIF Plan (adopted 2017)
Municipal Facilities Studies

MPSC Municipal Needs Studies 2008

Municipal Needs Study Task Force Report 2006

Municipal Facilities Study 2005
Table of Contents and Executive Summary
Property Assessment - Fire
Property Assessment - Police
Property Assessment - DPW
Property Assessment - Recreation
Facility Needs Assessment - Summary and Fire
Facility Needs Assessment - Police
Facility Needs Assessment - DPW
Facility Needs Assessment - Recreation
Facility Needs Assessment - Joint Option and Comparable Facilities
Property Assessments (All Departments)
Facility Needs Assessment (All Departments)
Municipal Needs Appendices
Entire Municipal Needs Report
Municipal Needs Presentation

Print copies of all documents are available to be viewed in the Office of Planning & Building. All documents are also available for purchase and are printed in the Office of Planning & Building. Costs for printed documents or plans can be found here: Chapter 202: Fees. If you'd like to purchase or view any of these documents, please kindly call or email ahead by contacting (603) 924-8000 or 
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