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Consider Moving your Business to Peterborough

Peterborough is uniquely positioned to benefit a wide range of business types, including, but not limited to, those in the knowledge/research/education, health/wellness, computer/high tech, medical manufacturing fields.

Our Town, often called so because it was the basis for Thornton Wilder's famous play, is also the home of traditional manufacturers such as New Hampshire Ball Bearing and Peterborough Basket Company, as well as cutting edge technology companies, like So Clean. 

Peterborough's "value adds" include:

  • World-class connectivity:
    • Fiber optic broadband, nearly town-wide
    • Cellular coverage by major telecommunication carriers
  • The Peterborough "look and feel": 
    • Classic New England architecture and charm
    • Gorgeous open space and natural resources
    • Vibrantly restored downtown shopping and dining: a regional destination
    • Not an "Anywhere, USA" tone, but a unique combination of old-time flavor and cutting-edge technology
  • Incubator and small business development services
  • Hub of an educated and skilled regional workforce
  • Route 202/101 transportation
  • Available sites for offices, industry, and export companies
  • Comprehensive banking, mortgage, and realtor services
  • Architectural, construction and renovation services
  • Active regional Chamber and service clubs
  • Excellent school system
  • Regional hospital with outstanding surgical, maternity, wellness, and rehab capabilities, among others
  • Extensive recreation facilities
  • Short distance to Boston, mountains, lakes, and the ocean
  • Rich cultural tradition of the theater, music, and the arts; home to the second-oldest artists' colony in the U.S.
  • Quiet, safe, actively involved community ideally suited for raising a family and growing a business.

Contact Community and Economic Development Coordinator, Karen Hatcher for more information: 603-924-8000 x106

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