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Master Plan Steering Committee

Please take the 2021 Master Plan Survey between March 1st and March 30th, 2021! Survey can be taken online, or printed copies are available upon request by contacting Town Planner Danica Melone in the Office of Planning & Building at (603) 924-8000 ext 116 or Click here for a helpful glossary of terms found within the survey. 

The Master Plan Steering Committee membership is as follows: Beth Alpaugh-Cote ('21); Sarah Steinberg-Heller, Co-Chair ('22); Valerie Jenkins ('22); James Kelly ('21); Cathy Lanigan, Co-Chair ('23); Emily Manns ('23); Eddie Gomez ('23); and Ivy Vann ('23). Sarah Steinberg-Heller and Ivy Vann are also currently members of the Peterborough Planning Board.

Unless otherwise posted, the Committee meets the third Monday of every month at 4:30 PM remotely or in the Selectmen's Meeting Room of the Town House.

The purpose of this Committee is to work with the Select Board, the Planning Board, the Community Development Director, or other resources engaged by the town, relevant town committees, townspeople, toward the following:

(1)   to develop and maintain the Master Plan; 
(2)    to develop and implement a formal review process for updating the Master Plan; and
(3)   to respond to requests from the Planning Board or Select Board to perform additional duties as time  allows, and serve as a research/study group for the Planning Board or the Select Board.
This Committee is advisory in nature.  It will be considered a study/research arm, and reporting directly to the Planning Board and Selectmen.

Peterborough has prepared an updated Master Plan, which was adopted by the Planning Board in November of 2003.  Due to time constraints, however, not all chapters were included in the planning process.  State statutes identify 13 elements or sections of a Master Plan; towns only need, however, to include those that are pertinent to that town’s situation.  Part of the charge of this committee is to identify which sections that are relevant for the Peterborough Master Plan.  In addition, the selectmen asked that the previous Master Plan Steering Committee Charge include the formulation of an ongoing process to assure that the Master Plan is continuously reviewed, updated, or modified as appropriate.  The Master Plan Steering Committee, which worked very well together and carefully provided for extensive input from the citizens of Peterborough, will now continue.

Specific Charge

  1. The Master Plan Steering Committee (the Committee) will work with the Community Development Director and others as appropriate to complete new or updated chapters for the Master Plan as needed. 
  1. The Committee will assist the Community Development Director in writing recommendations for an ongoing, systematic review of the Master Plan. 
  1. The Committee will establish guidelines regarding the composition of and process to be used by any subcommittee that might be convened for specific topics. 
  1. The Committee will provide other planning assistance, as time allows, as requested by the Planning Board or the Select Board. In doing so, the Committee will work with the Community Development Director or other Town resources as appropriate. 
  1. The Committee will continue to engage in an open public process as part of any work it undertakes.  

The Committee will be made up of seven (7) members; at least one (1) of those members will be from the Planning Board.

This Committee will perform its charge until such time as the Selectmen choose to end its job.  Membership on the Committee will be by appointment of the Selectmen for a term of three (3) years. Initial terms will be staggered so that no more than three (3) appointments occur annually, except when required to fill vacancies.

The Committee will elect its own Chair and Vice-Chair annually following the May Town Meeting. All meetings of the Committee will be public and will be posted in the Town House. The schedule for meetings will be established by the Committee to suit the convenience of its members, consistent with the above charge.

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