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Finance Staff Hours and Responsibilities


Leo Smith, Director of Finance ( or (603) 831-0251.  The Finance Director's primary function is to supervise the financial affairs of the Town.  Please contact   regarding specific Town Financial information, Budgets, Investments or Debt Service questions.

Jennifer Bowman Hall, Assistant Human Resources Director/Payroll & Benefits Accountant ( or (603) 924-8000 ext. 115 . Please contact  regarding any Payroll, Benefits Administration, Enterprise Funds or Insurance questions.

Shannon Kelley, Accountant ( or (603) 924-8000 ext. 126  Please contact regarding any Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable or 1099 Form questions.

Beth Marsh, Tax Collector ( (603) 924-8000 ext. 113.  Please contact regarding questions about  Real Estate Tax, Timber Tax, Excavation Tax, Tax Liens, Tax Deeding, Water & Sewer Billing and General Information. 

Clarissa Johnson, Accounting Associate/Deputy Tax Collector ( (603) 924-8000 ext. 103. Please contact regarding questions about Taxes, Water & Sewer Billing, Cash Receipts, and General Information.

Jane Bowman, Elected Treasurer ( (603) 924-8000 ext. 103.  

Mandy Sliver, Appointed Deputy Treasurer (603) 924-8000 ext. 103. The Treasurer is an elected official of the Town and does not have office hours.  If you have specific questions regarding the Town's investments or cash management services direct them to the Director of Finance and your message will forwarded  on to the Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer. 

If you have a general question, concern, or feedback, please email your correspondence to the Town of Peterborough, Department of Finance,  at any of the specific addresses listed above.   

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