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Planning Board

Please take the 2021 Master Plan Survey has been extended to Friday, April 16th! Survey can be taken online here.  Print copies are available upon request by contacting Town Planner Danica Melone in the Office of Planning & Building at (603) 924-8000 ext 116 or Click here for a helpful glossary of terms found within the survey. 

The Planning Board consists of seven members, one of which is an Ex Officio member of the Select Board, and alternate members. 

The current membership is as follows:  
Regular Members: Ivy Vann, Chair ('23); Rich Clark, Vice Chair ('22); Alan Zeller ('21); Lisa Stone ('21); and Andrew Dunbar ('23).
Tyler Ward is the Select Board Representative.
Alternates: Sarah Steinberg-Heller ('21), Lindsay Dreyer ('21)

The regular Planning Board members are elected by Town Meeting vote; alternates are appointed by the regular Planning Board members. 

The Planning Board is authorized by state statute and Town Meeting vote. The first responsibility of the Planning Board following establishment is the preparation and amendment of a master plan for the town. This responsibility may be delegated, in part, and in Peterborough it is: there is a permanent Master Plan Steering Committee that oversees the development and maintenance of the master plan, although the Planning Board must still hold public hearings prior to adopting any element of the plan. In addition to this role, the Planning Board is responsible for the following:

  1. Review and approve subdivisions, site plans, and earth excavations, and adopt and amend the regulations for these applications.
  2. Prepare amendments to the zoning ordinance, and hold the necessary public hearings on proposed or petitioned amendments to the zoning ordinance.

The Planning Board holds one regulatory meeting a month to hear and decide on all development applications, and other business to come before the board. This meeting is held on the second Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the Selectmen’s Room of the Town House. Other meetings may be called by the Chairman as needed (for example, if the Board needs a separate meeting to discuss planning and zoning issues, or a workshop with an applicant). 

All past approved minutes can be found on the next tab over. For the most recent approved minutes, go here. Please view the website calendar for all upcoming Board meetings. Notices and agendas will be attached within the calendar. These are also posted on the information boards within the Town House and the Town Library.

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