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Peterborough’s Town Administrator is Nicole MacStay. 
The Assistant Town Administrator is Seth MacLean. 

The Administration Office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays. 

Under the general supervision of the Select Board, the Town Administrator serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town with responsibilities for managing and coordinating activities of all Department Heads and all Town departments.  She administers the personnel, financial, and purchasing policies of the Town.  She performs the duties of the position independently on her own initiative, determining situations warranting the Select Board's attention and presenting recommendations for corrective actions.  Some of the responsibilities and duties of the Town Administrator are listed below:

The Town Administrator is responsible for the personnel functions of the Town. She  oversees all purchasing, including the drafting of specifications and recommending the awarding of bids.  She monitors all department budgets and the overall budget to avoid over expenditures.   She manages the financial affairs of the Town, including money management/investments.  And she assures that audit recommendations are implemented.

The Town Administrator attends numerous meetings, including those of the Select Board; preparing the agenda and gathering pertinent supporting data for same.  She also represents the Town at events and at outside activities and promotes and maintains responsive community relations.

The Town Administrator prepares the Town budget for presentation at the annual Town Meeting; ensuring that the warrant articles meet all legal guidelines, including public notice requirements.  She is also responsible for the preparation of the Town Report.

The Town Administrator coordinates daily administration of the Town, including the policies to be observed in the conduct of its activities; establishing policies and procedures for enacting Town programs and services.

The Town Administrator provides administrative supervision of major building projects, environmental cleanups, infrastructure capital improvements, plans, organizes, assigns, supervises, and coordinates the work of professional and technical consultants. 

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