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2021 Town Meeting Timeline

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Timeline for Annual Meeting

Meeting Date (Deliberative) April 6, 2021
Meeting Date (Ballot and Open) May 11, 2021
Pursuant to HB1129

March 2           Public Hearing on Town Annual Budget (last day to hold – 3/11) [must be at least 25 days prior to the first session planned for 4/6; 3/11 is last day to be 25“clear days*” prior to the first session]

March 16          If needed - Public hearing on any bond in excess of $100,000 (first day to hold – 2/4; last day to hold – 3/21) [this 3/16 hearing date is 20 “clear days” prior to  4/6 first session; meets requirement to hold bond hearing within 15-60 days prior to first session; and less than 60 days prior to 5/11 voting session]

March 5            Last day for 25 or more voters to petition the Select Board to include a bond article in the warrant

March 9            Last day for 25 or more voters to petition Select Board to include an article in the warrant

March 22          Last day to post Warrant & Budget / 40:13, II [must be at least 14 “clear days” prior to 4/6 first session]

March 22          Last day to mail out notice of virtual information session and procedures by which the Town will conduct the virtual Town Meeting

March 24          First day for candidates to file declarations of candidacy 

March 29          Last day for Select Board to determine which article will be addressed at which session of Town Meeting (either ballot or open) / Peterborough Charter

March 30          First Live Virtual Meeting – Information Session

April 2               Last day for filing declarations of candidacy

April 6              Second Live Virtual Meeting/First Session (Deliberative) – Question & Answer Session [between first and second Saturdays (4/3-4/10), inclusive, after the last Monday in March (3/29)]

April 26            Last day to post notice of Ballot (Second) and Open (Third) Sessions [exactly 14 “clear days” prior to second session date of 5/11]

May 4                Annual Report containing final budget and ballot questions (40:13, II) [minimum one week prior to second session; exactly one week]

May 11            Ballot Session / Elections (Second Session) [second Tuesday in May] and Open Session of Town Meeting [between second Tuesday in May and the following Saturday, inclusive (5/11- 5/15)]

* “clear” days means not counting the date of the posting or the date of the meeting – this is required for the posting of the warrant and a good practice with respect to other postings/publications.

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