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Affordable Housing Committee

Schedule: the Committee meets the 4th Wednesday of the month at 8:15 AM in the Select Board meeting room. 

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Carol Nelson, Co-Chair (2025)
Bonnie Tucker, Co-Chair (2025)
James Kelly (2026)
Stephanie Hurley (2026)
Susan Howard (2026) 
Carl Staley, (2026)
Sarah Ellis (2026)
Mandy Carter, alternate (2024)
Kate Coon, alternate (2024)

This Committee has vacancy for 3 alternates.
Interested persons are encouraged to submit a volunteer application to the Office of Planning Building by contacting Danica Melone at or 1 Grove St, Peterborough, NH, 03458. All Committee appointments must be approved by the EDA. Danica will forward your volunteer application and confirm the EDA is reviewing your application. Attendance at the meeting for your Committee appointment is not required but always encouraged. 

The Affordable Housing Committee of the EDA was established in 2021 by a majority vote of EDA members to be created for the purpose of coordinating efforts and initiating the development of such housing to enhance the economic resiliency of the community by collaborating with existing and prospective employers to attract and retain a diverse workforce which includes young people.

  • Forge and maintain relationships with all large-scale employers and meet with them annually to review housing needs for staff
  • Keep an inventory of all housing which meets the definition of “affordable” and report on new affordable housing stock annually
    • Annual report should report on whether the “affordable” housing is affordable enough (i.e.- does low-income, workforce, Housing Choice, etc. need to be promoted more heavily?)
  • Annually meet and collaborate with regional housing trusts, including but not limited to the Contoocook Housing Trust, to explore opportunities for the community
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