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Community Power Committee

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The Community Power Committee was originally formed as a Task Force in September 2021 to develop a Community Power Plan for Peterborough. The plan was approved at 2022 Town Meeting under Article 11. In December 2022, the Select Board voted to change the Task Force to an on-going, official town committee to oversee implementation and management of the town's Community Power Plan, and its participation in the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire.

Members of the Community Power Committee are Joel Huberman and Tony Cassady, co-chairs, Michael Nadeau, secretary, Dori Drachman, Ed Juengst, Bruce Tucker, and Steve Walker. Elaine Holden is an alternate member. Bill Kennedy is the Select Board liaison.

For details about Peterborough Community Power, or to view or change your participation status or rate tier, click below, or call 1-866-603-POWR (1-866-603-7697).


On July 6, 2023, the Community Power Committee announced the following new electricity supply rates for residents and small businesses enrolled in Peterborough Community Power (PCP). These rates will be effective August 1, 2023 through January 31, 2024:

  • Clean 100 (100% renewable), 15.2¢/kWh
  • Clean 50 (50% renewable), 12.3¢/kWh
  • Granite Plus (33% renewable), 11.3¢/kWh (PCP Default Rate)
  • Granite Basic (23.4% renewable), 10.9¢/kWh

For questions or additional information, please contact Committee co-chair Tony Cassady (

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