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Call for Town Committee Memberships

 After Town Meeting approval of Article 11 this past May 11, the Select Board recently approved the creation of two new town committees to help achieve our goals to transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% renewable heat and transportation by 2050. We are now seeking volunteers to participate in either/both committees.

The first is an Ad Hoc, informal committee to develop the renewable energy plan. This process will include gathering baseline energy data for the town, determining the scope of the plan, getting community input and visioning, researching best practices, and writing the plan.

The second is an official, formal Community Power Committee tasked with exploring what Community Power can offer the town and developing a Community Power Plan. Community Power is a state approved program (via RSA 53-E) that allows municipalities to procure electricity for all of their residents and small businesses at wholesale prices, according to the town’s priorities. Through this bulk purchase, towns can negotiate better prices and choose the sources of their electricity mix, e.g. renewable energy.  While this committee will be technical in nature, you do not need to be an expert on electricity to serve.  An interest in the topic, a willingness to learn, and a desire to help your community are the primary requisites.

If you are interested in joining either committee, please fill out this online form:  https://forms.gle/7cLFrdietxEG7gfY9 or contact us by email: info@peterboroughenergyaction.org. And pass this request along to your family, neighbors and colleagues.

Anyone interested in volunteering for a different Board or Committee should contact the Administration Office.  Terms expire at the end of May each year, and there are generally always vacancies on different boards and committees.  The call for volunteers will be posted on this website, but please don't hesitate to reach out at anytime if you are interested in joining the ranks of our amazing and dedicated volunteers. 
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