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Municipal Campus Task Force

The Town is currently engaged in the study for the new fire station and the build
out of the Municipal Campus on Elm Street. Design considerations include the
public works garage and cold storage building; review of police department
needs and future location on the campus; potential for other town offices;
recreation space; and expansion of the Community Center with a major focus on
site resources including shared utilities.

Historic Timeline of the Fire Station Discussion
2004 - Master Plan Steering Committee develops the "Evan Flats Land Use Analysis"
2005 - Weller & Michal develop the "Peterborough Municipal Facilities Needs and
Feasibility Study"
2006 - Study to done to combine Public Works, Police, and Fire into a single
municipal complex at the former NEBS building
2008 - Master Plan Steering Committee Municipal Facility Needs Report
2013 - Master Plan Municipal Facilities chapter
2017 - Updated study provided by Warrenstreet Architects

Valerie Jenkins, CIP Committee Peter LaRoche, Zoning Board of Adjustment
Colin Murdough, Heritage Commission Rob Fox, Recreation Committee
Jon Hampson, Fire Department Sarah Steinberg Heller, Planning Board
Bill Kennedy, Select Board Rich Clark, Budget Committee
Roland Patten, Citizen-at-large Alan Zeller, Citizen-at-large
Matt Lundsted, Conservation Commission
Beth Alpaugh-Côté, Master Plan Steering Committee
Ed Walker, Chief of Fire Department
Nicole MacStay, Town Administrator
Seth MacLean, DPW Director & Assistant Town Administrator
Danica Melone, Town Planner
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