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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are FAQs about affordable and workforce rental housing in Peterborough.

If you’d like to submit a question for consideration,
please contact Danica Melone, Town Planner at

Q: Can an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) be used as a rental property?
A: Yes. The owner of the property shall occupy either the principal dwelling unit or the accessory dwelling unit as their “Principal Place of Residence.” Whichever dwelling unit is not the property owner’s principal place of residence may be rented to a person(s) unrelated to the property owner.

Q: Does Peterborough already have workforce housing?
A: Yes, there are units which meet the affordability level of workforce housing, however there are not enough to meet the needs of those who work in Peterborough. Recently the first three units to have ever been approved under the Town’s Workforce Housing ordinance have become approved, and more are being considered.

Q: What exactly is workforce housing?
A: Per the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, the term “workforce housing” means permanent housing, intended as a primary year-round residence that is available to households regardless of age and is best provided near places of employment.

Workforce housing can include, but is not limited to, subsidized and affordable housing, as well as market-rate and mixed-income housing. It refers to a broad range of places to live for both owners and renters, meeting the needs of families and individuals that represent the majority of New Hampshire’s diverse workforce.

Workforce housing includes a variety of housing types suitable for households with different needs and income levels.  The types of housing include starter homes, townhouses, condominiums, apartments and accessory dwelling unitsNew Hampshire RSA 674:58-:61, the state’s workforce housing law, defines income and affordability ranges.

– New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, retrieved 11/23/22; please follow this link for more information:

Q: What funding is available to support planning new affordable housing projects?
A: The State of New Hampshire has several Developer Financing Programs which are administered through the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority.  Please visit their website, for more information.

Q: Does Peterborough have any subsidized rental units?
A: There are one-and-two-bedroom units available for income qualified households at Rockbrook and Heatherbrook; both located in West Peterborough.  Woodland Heights, located off of MacDowell Road, are subsidized one-bedroom units available for elderly and/or disabled income qualified persons only.

Q: Where would I find information about how to sign up for subsidized housing?
A: Information on available subsidized housing and the Housing Choice Voucher Program can be found at This website also includes a comprehensive list of affordable housing, subsidized housing and contact information for their property management companies.

Q: What is the procedure for getting on the subsidized housing waitlist?
A: Typically, there is an application, income qualification, and background check process for all subsidized housing, which is completed through the property management company.  The Housing Choice Voucher Program is administered by the NH Housing Finance Authority, and requires a similar process as well as a qualification process for the housing unit you wish to rent, to ensure that it meets federal housing standards.

Q: What subsidies (federal, State, etc.) are available to help me afford to rent an apartment in Peterborough?
A: The only rental subsidy available in New Hampshire is the Housing Choice Voucher Program administered by the NH Housing Finance Authority.  The waitlist for this program is extremely long, and so it is recommended that a household apply for it as soon as they identify housing security as a need.

Southern NH Services administers an emergency rental assistance program through their office located at the Peterborough Community Center on Elm Street: (603) 924-9601

The Town of Peterborough can also provide emergency rental assistance to income-qualified households: (603) 924-8000 x101

Other programs exist to help with housing-related expenses, such as the Fuel Assistance and Electric Assistance Program administered by Southern New Hampshire Services – they have an office at the River Center: (603) 924-2243

For those who do not qualify for the SNHS Fuel Assistance Program, the Town of Peterborough also administers a donation-driven program called Keep Peterborough Warm: (603) 924-8000 x101

Q: We are an employer in the area near Peterborough and recognize that we need to do something to provide housing opportunities for our workers so that we can fill long standing open positions not being filled due to an affordable housing shortage. What kind of support can the Town of Peterborough provide to help us think through an approach?
A: Its recommended you reach out to either the community your business is in to see if there are opportunities to construct housing on property you already own if possible, or you’re welcome to reach out to Danica Melone, Peterborough Town Planner, if you’re looking to develop property here. 

 Peterborough ADU FAQ Fact Sheet

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