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Changes to Operations at the Recycling Center

The Peterborough Recycling Center has lifted restrictions on some items including:

  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Electronics; computers, televisions, printers, etc.
  • Cardboard
  • Mixed paper
  • Newspaper

Please note that usual disposal fees apply (visit for pricing).

Regarding cardboard: Please break down boxes before coming to the Recycling Center to help us maintain social distancing measures and prevent parking issues.

The Recycling Center will being accepting commingled (mixed) aluminum and steel/tin cans from customers beginning on September 14th, but a schedule has been created to allow for some recycling of aluminum and steel/tin prior to then, to avoid the facility being inundated. It is asked that residents adhere to the following schedule leading up to September 14th:

  • Week 1: 8/25/20 through 8/29/20 – residents with license plates ending in even numbers may bring commingled aluminum and steel/tin for recycling. 
  • Week 2: 9/1/20 through 9/5/20 – residents with license plates ending in odd numbers may bring commingled aluminum and steel/tin for recycling. 
  • Week 3: 9/7/20 through 9/12/20 – residents with license plates ending in a letter or a symbol may bring commingled aluminum and steel/tin for recycling.  
  • Week 4: 9/14/20 and beyond: all residents may recycle commingled aluminum and steel/tin products.

For the moment, #1 & #2 plastics should continue to be disposed of in the trash compactor. They may be loose (unbagged) but, as always, all other household trash must be contained in a tightly closed PAYT bag – no other bags or containers will be accepted for household trash disposal.

The sale of recycling permits has resumed via the window of the office; the building and restroom will remain closed to public access.  

Other restrictions as previously outlined will remain in place.

Please direct questions, comments, or concerns to Scott Bradford, Recycling Manager, at (603) 924-8095, or Seth MacLean, Asst. Director DPW, at (603) 924-8000 ex. 102.

Previously Established Details
Glass, household batteries, electronics, and light bulbs should continue to be recycled as they typically are at the facility.   

The mini-mall at the Recycling Center is closed at this time. 

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