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The Dispatch, September 6th, 2022

September 6, 2022

NH State Primary Election: Tuesday September 13th , Peterborough Community Center 25 Elm St. Polls are open from 7am-7pm

 Library: The library has an easy voter info page. Check it out:

Peterborough Recycling Center: Peterborough uses a pay-per-bag system. This system requires all non-recyclable waste to be disposed of in special bags that are available for purchase at the merchants listed here:

Agway – Rt. 202 South

Belletete’s – Rt. 202 North

Shaw’s – Rt. 101 West

Nature’s Green Grocer – 347 Union St. West Peterborough

The retail price of bags covers any fees associated with waste disposal such as hauling and tipping fees, as well as, the distribution of the bags. Bags are available in two sizes: 15 gallon bags, roll of 10 bags $7.50, or 33 gallon bags, roll of 10 bags $15.00. No other bags or containers will be accepted for trash disposal. Trash bags cannot be purchased at the Recycling Center.

To use the Recycling Center, you will need to obtain a recycling permit. The permits are available at the Recycling Center at $5 per permit/per vehicle/per year and must be visibly displayed. January 1 will begin the new year of permits.

This system is intended to promote and encourage recycling because there is no fee involved with the disposal of recycled materials*, therefore the more you recycle, the less your waste disposal will cost.

* Disposal fees are assessed on some items such as appliances, appliances with Freon, televisions, computers, carpets, furniture, etc.

** Construction/Demo debris needs to be weighed on the vehicle scale prior to unloading. Please see Recycling Center Attendant for more details.

New options for recycling include toner and inkjet printer cartridges. A collection bin is located near the battery recycling drop at the front of the Recycling building. NexTrex collection boxes are in the garage bay by the mini-mall. NexTrex takes CLEAN plastic film materials along with plastic shopping bags and remanufactures the plastic into durable park benches!

And, please say a friendly hello to our Recycling Center staff: David Rose, Recycling Center Manager and Darren Smith, Recycling Attendant I.


Adams Playground is open to the public. The area is not cleaned outside of normal measures, and it is not sanitized. Play at your own risk.
Hand sanitizing stations are at the three entrances.
If you are not feeling well, please do not come to play. Wait until you feel better - for your sake as well as for the sake of others.
Caregivers are responsible for supervising children and making sure guidelines are followed.
Please wash hands before and after playing at the playground. Have fun, enjoy - but please keep the guidelines in mind and be safe.

Yard SaleSenior Program, Saturday September 10th 9am- 1pm, Peterborough Community Center front lawn. Come and join this outdoor yard sale and get rid of your yard sale worthy things and try to make a little money!

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