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Mandatory Outdoor Watering Restrictions

In order to preserve and protect the Town of Peterborough’s municipal water supply and related 
water distribution system infrastructure, and in accordance with Peterborough Town Code §162:84-91, 
Peterborough Town Administration is implementing mandatory outdoor watering restrictions that will 
be effective on Wednesday, 8/10/22.  Until further notice, the following outdoor watering 
activities are restricted or prohibited in the Town of Peterborough for customers utilizing the 
Peterborough public water system:

A.         Landscape irrigation, such as the watering of lawns and gardens, shall only be permitted 
between the hours of 8:00pm and 7:00am.  Even numbered street addresses shall be permitted to water 
during allowable hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.  Odd numbered addresses shall be 
permitted to water during allowable hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.  This applies to all 
properties in Peterborough that utilize the public water system;
B.         The filling of swimming pools is prohibited;
C.         Washing of cars and boats, except at a commercial carwash facility, shall be prohibited;
D.         The use of water for firefighting, health, sanitation, medical purposes and other 
essential uses shall not be restricted. However, domestic water use conservation practices should 
be implemented wherever possible.

72.4% of State of NH is experiencing “moderate” drought conditions, while 13.3% are experiencing 
“severe” conditions.  Peterborough is currently considered to be experiencing “moderate” drought 
conditions, though neighboring communities to the immediate south and east are experiencing 
“severe” drought.  The New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Services has advised all communities 
experiencing drought conditions to impose mandatory outdoor watering restrictions.

Pursuant to Town Code §162-91, individuals found to be in non-compliance may be subject to fines of
$500.00 per day, potential suspension of access to the public water system, and the imposition of 
additional civil penalties per NH RSA 38:26 II.

Questions can be directed to Seth MacLean, Director of DPW, at 603-924-8000 ex.102.
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