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The Dispatch October 5th, 2021

 Recycling Center:

October 2021: The Mini Mall resumes operation: Open on Wednesdays from 1-5:45pm and all day on Saturdays.  Days and hours open are weather permitting. 
A revised Recycling Brochure can be found HERE.

 Public Notice Public Works:  The Peterborough Water Department continues with the biannual hydrant-flushing program to run through November 19thth. Flushing will occur between 8:00am and 3:00pm. Times are approximate and are subject to change due to scheduling and/or weather conditions.

Customers may experience discolored water, low water pressure, or a disruption in water service during this time. Residents are urged to reduce water use and consumption during flushing periods.  Please wait until the evening hours (after 4:00pm) to do laundry, and refrain from using bleach, as bleach enhances iron levels in the water and can cause discoloration in clothing. If you find that your water appears cloudy or discolored, open all cold-water faucets, and wait until the water runs clear before using it.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience.

 Conval School District: Download for the Free and Reduced Lunch application HERE

Local Events: 
Monadnock Art Open Studios Tour: Oct. 9,10,11 10am-5pm daily, This event has been delighting visitors every fall since 1995.  For three days over the long weekend artists open their studios to let the public in on where the magic happens.  This year's tour features 70 artists in 60 studios throughout 7 towns of the Monadnock Region.  Complete details, artist websites, and a printable map can also be found at All free and family friendly.
Greenerborough Webinar: Building better today for a more sustainable tomorrow. October 7 at 6:30pm-8:00pm To Register: Join us to learn how individuals, business and communities in southwestern NH are taking steps to ensure a more resilient future by employing a variety of sustainable practices in sourcing energy, creating infrastructure, and building new and remodeling existing housing.

Recreation: Programs Available: Information on all these programs can be found on
Pollinator Gardens Talk with the UNH Co-op Extension, October 6, 5-6pm
National American Touch Tag Day Celebration, October 8, 2:30-4pm
Tree I.D. Walk with the UNH Co-op Extension, October 9, 9-11am
Wings of the Dawn Raptors, October 9, 2-3pm
Roller Skating at the PCC, October 13, 7:30-8:30pm
Toddler Dance, Yoga, and Creative Movement, Thursday mornings in October
Teen Apple Orchard Visit, October 22, 3-5pm
Howl-o-ween, October 30, 12:30-2:30pm
Trunk or Treat, October 30, 3:30-5pm

Meet our Staff / Volunteers:
Lisa Koziell-Betz, Recreation Director, Lisa’s career in recreation began as the Greenfield Recreation Director before coming to Peterborough in 2003.  She knows the Peterborough Recreation Department inside out having served as Administrative Assistant and Program Coordinator before being promoted to Director in 2021.  Lisa has a BS degree in Outdoor Education/Physical Education with a minor is Business from UNH. 

Highlighted Town committee/commission: The Capital Improvement Committee (CIP) meets each year for six to eight weeks in the fall. At these weekly meetings the Committee reviews all requests that are presented to them by the Department Heads and concludes the process with a capital plan that is then submitted to the Budget Committee and the Select Board.  The CIP is an important tool the Town of Peterborough utilizes to help manage anticipated growth and development.  A capital improvement is designed as one with a cost of at least $10,000 and a useful life of five years or more. It is an actual plan that lays out a budget for and a schedule of municipal expenditures.  The plan shows when, and at what cost, the town expects to expand and/or provide services and facilities in the future. 

 Peterborough Tips & Tricks: Did you know? (All archived Tips & Tricks are now recorded on the About Peterborough page of the Town’s website).

Hunting Season in New Hampshire:

Do you hear a noontime horn? It’s the Fire Whistle! The sound you hear near and sometimes from afar, is the automatic fire whistle at the fire station on Summer St. Back before more modern forms of communication, the fire whistle was a “call to arms” for the firefighters of the day. The number of blows signaled a message from the “fire box” of the location with a fire. Fire Box 3 was for Monadnock Community Hospital. Luckily today, we have more responsive systems than available in the mid-1800’s.

The Mini-Mall at the Recycling Center.

The Peterborough Recycling Center offers a Mini Mall for residents of Peterborough and Sharon. This is a great opportunity for people to reuse items as part of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy. Residents are encouraged to shop for and drop off items that are clean, useable, and in working condition. Because the Mini Mall is a community effort, all items must be approved by an attendant prior to being dropped off, and users of the Mini Mall are expected to help keep it neat and tidy. Household chemicals or paints of any kind are not accepted in the mall, as well as, yard sale leftovers, or items that have a fee attached to it, clothing, and any items that has a plug-in cord.

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