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The Dispatch September 7th, 2021

September 7th, 2021
Updates on the internet-based crime that Peterborough has fallen victim to, will be provided to everyone through other informational channels. The Dispatch will continue to provide the residents of Peterborough a source of Town information that is current, diverse and informative.

CDC Covid-19 guideline:
Per updated CDC guidelines, it is recommended that members of the public entering Town buildings wear a mask (regardless of vaccination status) and practice social distancing of six (6) feet.

Town Clerk:
During the week of September 6th-10th, the office will be open on Tuesday, September 7th, 8:30am -4pm and then CLOSED Wednesday – Friday, September 8th, 9th & 10th so the Town Clerk can attend the NH City & Town Clerks Association’s conference. The office will re-open for business on Monday, September 13th at 8:30am.

Mariposa Museum & World Culture Center:
Zen Garden, Carved in Stone: writing in stone demos Saturdays 11-3, bring your favorite quotation.

Did you know that the Town offers 2 websites maintained specifically as resource of information for Capital Projects? and  

Peterborough Town Library:
The Grand Reopening is scheduled for Sunday, September 12th from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Tours will be offered throughout the week of September 13th for those who want to avoid the crowds.

Meet our Staff / Volunteers: Scott Guinard, Chief of Police
Chief Guinard began his career with the Peterborough Police Department as a part time officer in 1985 and has held various positions for more than three decades. He has been Police Chief for nearly 25 years and his primary responsibilities include Administration, Budget, Capital Improvements, Equipment & Supplies Procurement, Information Management System, Internal Affairs, Media Relations, Motorcycle Patrol, Personnel, Planning, Policies & Procedures, Public Information, and Recruitment. To reach Chief Guinard you can email him at:

Highlighted Department: Public Works, Water & Utilities
The water/utility division of Peterborough Public Works consist of the water and the wastewater department and is responsible for overseeing the water and wastewater facilities, as well as all aspects of our water and wastewater systems including distribution, collection, monitoring our wells and the sewer system. Along with all the daily tasks and projects, the crew is also responsible for repairing fire hydrants and breaks in the water and sewer system. For frequently asked questions about hydrant flushing: here
Nate Brown is the Town’s Superintendent of Utilities and can be reached at for any questions concerning public water or sewage.

Highlighted Town committee/commission: Parks Committee
Please say hello to our wonderful Town volunteers who help keep our Town parks so lovely for residents and visitors to use and enjoy. The parks committee works closely with the Peterborough Public Works staff and always welcomes volunteer help. Funds for the flowers are received from public and private donations and grants. So, if you cannot assist with the labor of gardening, you can donate to the costs of the beautiful flowers that grace our parks. The Parks Committee has written descriptions of the three Town Parks here If you would like to join the Parks Committee, please reach out to the administration office at or call 603.924.8000 ext. 101
Did you know that the Parks Committee also reviews the park reservation requests? If you would like to reserve a park for an event please visit here. There is no cost to using the parks, but your event does need approval by the Town and the Parks Committee.

Top 5 Peterborough Tips & Tricks: Did you know?

What’s the name of the brook running through the village of Peterborough?
Obtained on 

Nubanusit Brook is a 14.3-mile-long (23.0 km) stream. The brook begins at the outlet of Nubanusit Lake in Nelson. It is a tributary of the Contoocook River, part of the Merrimack River watershed.[2] The brook flows south into Harrisville, interrupted by Harrisville Pond and Skatutakee Lake, then east to the MacDowell Reservoir (constructed for flood control) in Peterborough. The brook turns south, passes the village of West Peterborough, and reaches the Contoocook River after passing through Peterborough village. Nubanusit Brook was important to the establishment and development of Harrisville and Peterborough because many dams were built along it to provide water power to mills.[3] These included substantial textile mills in Harrisville, West Peterborough, and Peterborough, as well as smaller mills along the brook's course.

I have a non-emergency issue that needs to be discussed with the Police, what number do I call? Local dispatch can be reach at 603.924.8050.

What is the story about the honeybee mural painted on the Community Center building? portions published by the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript 8.16.2018 reported on by Meghan Pierce The Honeybee mural was painted by artist and The Good of the Hive founder, Matthew Willey.  Melissa Stephenson, founder of the New Hampshire Honeybee Initiative commissioned Willey to come to Peterborough and create the mural. Through Willey’s organization The Good of the Hive he set out to paint 50,000 honeybees – the equivalent of a honeybee hive – in murals around the world. “I fell in love with bees and I’m flowing with my artwork around it to create a connection because I think that’s what’s going to solve it,” Willey said. 

What is an RSA? Information collected from Wikipedia & 2012 Legislative session statutes Laws in New Hampshire are called Revised Statutes Annotated, or RSAs. “Annotated” means including notes. RSAs include history, case law, and other relevant explanations at the end of each section. RSAs are organized into 64 Titles from Title 1, “The State and its Government” to Title 64, “Planning and Zoning.” Each Title is divided into, and typically cited by, Chapters, Sections, and Paragraphs. Example—RSA 674:4, II refers to Chapter 674, Section 4, Paragraph II. The RSA endeavors to collect all the current laws "of a public and general nature" in a single, numbered set. The US Constitution and the New Hampshire Constitution are included in the RSA.

Me or my family would like local food assistance, where do I go? The Peterborough Food Pantry is open Mon, Wed, Fri 9-noon and Thursday Evenings from 5-7:00pm at 25 Elm St. in Peterborough. You can contact them via phone at 603.924.3008 or email Customer Bill of Rights:

  • Confidentiality. We will not share any of your personal information.
  • Be informed about our policies and procedures for receiving food or emergency aid.
  • Be treated with dignity and respect at all times
  • Receive food and services in a safe environment. Violence, theft, profanity, or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Accept or refuse all or part of our services.
  • Receive food and services without discrimination on the basis of age, race, family status, national origin, gender identification, disability, religious beliefs or sexual preference/orientation.
  • Receive food that meets local, state and federal standards for food safety.
  • Receive food free of charge without being required to pay, work, or make a donation.

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