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Posted Roads

PUBLIC NOTICE: Effective Monday February 27th, 2023
The following roads will be posted temporarily prohibiting all vehicles weighing in excess of (6) six tons from traveling on these roads until further notice:

Bogle Road                                              Old Bennington Road

Burke Road                                              Old Dublin Road

Carley Road                                             Old Greenfield Road

Condy Road                                              Old Jaffrey Road

Cornish Road                                            Old Mountain Road

Cunningham Pond Road                    Old Sharon Road

East Mountain Road                             Old Town Farm Road

Four Winds Farm Road                        Powersbridge Road

General Miller Road                               Richardson Road

Gulf Road                                                     Sand Hill Road

Hunt Road                                                   Slab Road

MacDowell Road                                    Spring Road

Middle Hancock Road                          Windy Row

Murphy Road

Pursuant to RSA 231:191 any person who violates the maximum weight limits shall be required to restore the highway if the Town has reason to believe that the highway damage or disturbance is attributable to vehicles or activities under such person’s control or responsibility.

As per RSA 231:191, Paragraph III, written permission to drive a vehicle on the aforementioned roads may be granted subject to imposition of reasonable regulations such as bonding and restoring the highway, or other limitations. Such permission may be granted on a case-by-case basis by the Highway Superintendent depending upon such factors as weather and road conditions.

As per Section RSA 231:191; Paragraph VI, Any person who violates any provision of this section or the rules or regulations made under authority under this section shall be guilty of a violation if a natural person, or guilty of a misdemeanor if any other person; and in addition, shall be liable for the cost of restoration of the highway to a condition satisfactory to the person empowered to give such written permission

The weight limit will be lifted as soon as the roads sufficiently dry in the coming weeks to allow normal traffic without causing pavement and shoulder breakup.


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