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Helpful Hints/Water Saving Kit

faucet_better_WebIs Your Water Bill Too High?


Check your toilet tank at least twice a year for leaks. 

Turn the water off.  
Don't let the water run when you wash, brush your teeth, shave, or wash your car.

Water your lawn in the early morning.  One inch a week is good for your grass.

Take shorter showers.

Run full loads of dishes and clothes.

Water plants, not the sidewalk.

Be smart:  fix leaks.

You may think those little leaks in your bathroom don't amount to a drop-in-the-bucket.  Not so.  The sneakiest drip can be found in your bathroom toilet.  Toilet tank leaks, almost undetectable, can add $25.00 or more to your monthly bill!  Leaks always get larger and cost you more the longer you wait to fix them.

To do a leak test:

1.  Wait 5-10 minutes after the last flush cycle to perform the leak test.

2.  Remove the cover.  Gently drop one Leak Detective into tank.  Do not flush.

3.  Wait 15-20 minutes.

4.  If blue dye color appears in bowl, you have a leak.  Don't worry -- it won't stain the bowl.

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