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Follow Up Q&A

Following the statistical update, several residents had questions concerning land value and neighborhood codes, specifically. Below is a list of questions received and answers provided.

Assessor's Agent Marybeth Walker and DRA representatives Sam Greene and Lisa Mudge attended the February 15th, 2022 Select Board meeting to address the methods used in determining values for the revaluation and to answer additional questions. Please click here to see the PowerPoint presentation on the revaluation made by Ms. Walker. 

What is the purpose of having neighborhood codes?

How were the neighborhood codes decided?

Who developed the neighborhood codes and makes decisions related to the codes?

Was the Select Board informed of the changes to neighborhoods?

What criteria were used to determine which houses belong to which neighborhood code?

Were the same neighborhood codes used for the 2018 assessment, or are they new for the 2021 assessment? 

Why was the cost approach used? Has it been used in prior years? 

How can I see a map of the neighborhoods?

How do I determine what neighborhood my property is in?

Who oversees the work and methods the Assessor uses to establish value?

How many other NH towns or communities use the same system of establishing Neighborhood Codes for assessment purposes?

It is stated that the current Neighborhood Codes were set up in 2008. How were assessments done prior to 2008? If there were other neighborhood codes used prior to 2008, what were they and why were they changed? When did neighborhood codes first come into use and why?

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