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Assessors Data




-          Quickly locate a parcel by entering an address or parcel number in the search box and select a parcel from the list.

-          Pop up information on parcels include basic information and the following:

  • Assessors Data can be found by clicking on property record 
  • Scanned Plan Link” gives online access to PDF files of subdivision and survey plans we have scanned over the last 10 years.
  • We are continuously adding 
    links to PDFs of scanned plans
  • Not all parcels have scanned plans

-          Cool buttons (top right of window) that include switching to an air photo and a button to share via email, twitter, or facebook! (Air Photo basemap not available on mobile app)

-          Publicly available to anyone with an Internet connection so please direct all to the site looking for a map and other information on Peterborough parcels.

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