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Move your Business to Peterborough

Opportunities for Large & Small Businesses

Peterborough values its vibrant business community and recognizes the contribution that businesses, from small retailers to large corporations, make to the character and economic vitality of Our Town.

Originally a mill town, Peterborough has always been a major site for New Hampshire business and industry.  Its proximity to New Hampshire's largest cities as well as to Boston, Canada, and New York markets places it at an advantage geographically.  Low crime, exceptional quality of life and education make it superior to most towns its size.  Nearby Manchester Airport and Pease International Tradeport, as well as an advanced fiber optics system make Peterborough highly effective in the International Market. Home of So Clean, New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Microspec, and neighboring Millipore Sigma, Peterborough and the Monadnock Region of NH has proven to be as profitable a location as it is a welcoming community.

Peterborough carefully looks to its future, as its Master Plan and Community and Economic Development Office attest. With environmental sustainability and quality of life of utmost importance, there exists a great opportunity for business and industry in the Town of Peterborough.

Advantages of Doing Business in Peterborough
The Top Reasons to Move Your Business Here!

  • Exceptional quality of life
    Peterborough has a European flavor and camaraderie which is like none other.  Its cultural resources and recreation surpass other towns of its size. Clean air and water, great schools, arts and antiques, plenty of in town and nearby shopping areas and malls, and events and recreation for all age groups are some examples.
  • Natural beauty and natural resources
    Peterborough is a short drive to the ocean, and has its own mountains, lakes and rivers, skiing, hiking, swimming, boating, climbing... and breathtaking views within town.
  • Low Crime Index 
    Having one of the lowest crime rates in the country and one of the lowest auto theft rates keeps insurance rates affordable. 
  • No general sales or use tax 
  • Workers take home more of their pay here than in any other state in the Union.                       
          New Hampshire is one of only two states in the nation that does not have either a general sales or income tax.
  • No capital gains tax
  • No inventory tax
  • No property tax on machinery or equipment
  • One of the lowest unemployment insurance rates in the country
  • Investment Tax Incentives
  • Job Tax Credits
  • Research & Development Tax Incentives  
  • Available sites for offices, industry, exporting companies
  • Active Chamber of Commerce
  • Educational resources, labor-specific training
  • Full Service Community: full time infrastructure to staff support
  • Proximity to international trade ports, Canada, Boston and New York
  • Superior fiber optics system
  • more high-tech workers than any other state
  • and last, but definitely not least: The People of Peterborough!

Peterborough's Global Economy

Foreign Investment

Numerous foreign-affiliated companies have discovered that New Hampshire is the gateway to the profitable Northeast market of the United States.  More than 100 foreign-affiliated companies have facilities in New Hampshire. Recently, foreign investment has been heaviest from Western Europe and Canada. 

Peterborough can offer the foreign investor its proximity to port facilities (less than 2 hours), favorable tax structure, nearby rail and highway, and a short distance to the profitable Northeast market of the United States and Eastern Canada.

For firms seeking a more rural setting, Peterborough has industrial sites available in an environment whose quality of life is second to none. New Hampshire's excellent transportation and communications systems allow easy access to metropolitan resources. 

New Hampshire contributes to the handling and processing of goods by offering the advantages of a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). Reduced customs duties and improved cash flow are just two of the many advantages of a FTZ. New Hampshire's FTZ No. 81 has four sites, including the Port of New Hampshire-Portsmouth, and the Manchester Airport, only 35 miles away.

Export Sales, Export Development, Foreign Trade, International Business
The State of New Hampshire offers assistance in establishing an exporting service or expanding your present domestic company into an international business. New Hampshire's exported products and services are shipped all over the world.

Export countries include: Canada, Europe (esp. Ireland, Germany, UK, France and Eastern Europe), Mexico, Japan, the Pacific Basin, South America and the Caribbean. Machinery, computer equipment and software, and publications have been the most successful exports from Peterborough.



Express Delivery

Peterborough is well served by all major delivery services. We have some of the latest pick-up times in the state

Peterborough is at the intersection of Federal Route 202 and State Routes 101, 123.
Interstate Routes 293 and 95 provide multi-lane access to many parts of New Hampshire. Route 293 is 30 minutes away at exit 4. Interstate Route 91 provides access to Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.
New Hampshire roads are well maintained year round, allowing easy access to and from Peterborough.

Manchester Airport, 35 miles. One Airport Rd., Ste. 300, Manchester, NH 03103. 603-624-6539. Fax 603-666-4101. "Gateway to northern New England". Located less than an hour from the region's most popular ski areas, seacoast beaches, and lakefront resorts, and Boston. Served by USAirways, United, COMAIR, Business Express, and Continental Express, Manchester Airport offers non-stop and direct jet service to major U.S. cities.

Jaffrey, 10 miles. Runway: 2,970 feet. Lighted, navigational aids.
Keene Airport Keene, 21 miles. 03431 800-272-5488
Lebanon Municipal Airport 15 Airpark Rd., Lebanon 03784 603-298-8878
Pease Airport Pease International Tradeport, Spaulding Tpk, Portsmouth 03801. Private aircraft, call Seacoast Aviation (car rental also available): 603-427-0350.
Logan International Airport (MA) (617) 973-5500
Portland (ME) International Jetport (207) 772-0690

Limousine, Airport Shuttle and Taxi
In town: B&K Enterprises (all services) 924-4324
Milford: Milford Limousine
Thomas Transporation: Airport Shuttle Service

Rail Service
AMTRAK Northeast Rail 800-872-7245  from Brattleboro, VT

Bus Service
C & J Transportation 603-742-5111
Concord Trailways 800-639-3317 
In New England 603-228-3300
Greyhound Bus Lines 603-436-0163 
PDI Transportation 603-627-4266. 
US & Canada 800-639-1656,
Vermont Transit In New England 800-451-3292. 
In White River Jct., VT. 800-552-8737

Deep Water Port
The state of New Hampshire's deep water port on the coast is less than two hours away. 

Distances From Major Cities
The following are approximate distances to Peterborough in miles:





Albany, NY 


Montreal, PQ 


Baltimore, MD 


New York, NY 


Bangor, ME 


Norfolk, VA 


Boston, MA 


Philadelphia, PA


Buffalo, NY 


Pittsburgh, PA 


Burlington, VT 


Portland, ME 


Chicago, IL 


Providence, RI 


Cleveland, OH 


Quebec City, PQ 


Detroit, MI 


Toronto, ON 


Halifax, NS 


Washington, DC 


Hartford, CT 




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